Every Business Can Benefit from a ConsultantEvery Business Can Benefit from a Consultant

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Every Business Can Benefit from a Consultant

When I opened my first business, I had little business knowledge. However, I was eager to be independent and leave the 9-5 business world. I had a bit of savings left over after starting my business, and I ended up losing money for a couple of months in a row after we opened. I almost called it quits, but I decided to first try seeking help from a business consultant to see if my business was worth saving. He showed up and immediately showed me where I was going wrong. I was paying much more for supplies than I had to and even over-paying for shipping, which was a huge cost for me. He helped line me up with a new vendor and shipping company. My business finally started making money! I wanted to help other business owners out there by starting a blog. Come back for more tips!


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If you have a business and you plan to serve alcoholic beverages, you must have a liquor license. There is no way around this process. However, what is even more important to remember is that the licensing agency will not simply hand out this license, it must be earned. Consequently, if there is an error during the application process, you could face a denial. Discover some of the issues that can commonly lead to a denied license. Read More 

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